the mouse that quibbles

the mouse that quibbles

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Mouse Is Out

The Mouse has lost her Nonny-mous-ness, but I'm fine with that. For the past couple of years, I've done occasional guest posts for John Amato, editor of my other favourite blog, C&L (which is shorthand for Yesterday, his blog returned the favour many times over by doing the first cyber-launch of my new novel, 'Redemption', written by yours truly, Lee Jackson.

C&L staffer Nicole Belle (who I affectionately refer to as Nicky B) wrote a nice presentation for the book, and said that she now realized that a lot of the post ideas and tips I sent in to the site came came from research for this book, which is partly true. It's also true that C&L was one of my major research resources as well - a huge help in both information and ideas. It is rightly one of the best political blogsites on the internet, as well one of the most fun and most social. The comments so far on the book received have been extraordinarily kind - and this before anyone reads it! C&L plans a second review and an author's salon in a week or so, where I'll have a chance to respond live to any questions, something I've done before but never on a blog! This may be one of the major ways forward for writers who, up to now, have depended primarily on newspapers and magazines and bookstore signings for publicity. So I'm very much looking forward to it.

And as for losing my nonny-mous-ity?


Lee Jackson is also a pseudonym, I'm afraid. I've published five other novels in the past under another name, one - a crime novel - by the same publisher, St. Martin's Press. My editor extraordinaire, Kelley Ragland, agreed that keeping my different genres separate would be a good idea. So, to honour my father - who had passionately argued with me over many of the themes in this novel, and who died the same evening I had the idea for the story blast its way into my imagination and started Page One - I chose his middle name for my pseudonym. It was probably a wiser decision than using the nickname I'd called him for the last twenty years of his life. Atheist though I am, a part of me longs for there to be some sort of consciousness in the afterlife, just so he could see what our heated ‘discussions' has wrought. But it doesn’t really matter – I know that he was enormously proud of both his daughters; the brainy little one who became a university professor, and the flighty creative big one who became a novelist.

Ya done good, Old Fart. Ya done good.


Jonothan said...

Well done! You're going to have to tell me how you do it.

greenjeans112 said...
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greenjeans112 said...

Oh my god. Wow. Congrats!!

La Professora said...

"...brainy little one..."

Hey, now, I'm almost as tall as you, if not as old....!

Read the book in one sitting; enjoyed it. Even figured out some plot points where you had asked me about being a professor.

Good on you!

Cats r Flyfishn said...

Hi Nonny,

Congratulations on your new book. Looking forward to reading it. I posted a comment at C & L late and I think I missed your live blogging. I'll stop by and visit your blog on occasion. You know me as both Cats r Flyfishn and Coffins Draped with Flags and as Carol.
Take care.

Nonny Mouse said...

Hi, Cats. Nice to see a few of the C&L regulars stopping by for a friendly visit. I've been going through a bit of bother here, trying to sort out rather a large and unexpected mess... so new posts are on temporary hold... but believe me, there's a story coming up soon that should be a fun read! (Even if it hasn't been a fun ride!) Lovely to have you here.

Batocchio said...

Hey, Mouse! Only just now learned of your site.

And it's hard to get much more Southern than "Lee Jackson"!